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japanese lesson x japan tour go wander japan

Learn Japanese With A Japanese Lesson & Japan Tour Collab!

By Alex Gray Oct 22, 2021

Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to study, especially if you are studying alone at your own pace. Trying new things and study methods can be a great way to get out of a rut. What if you could study Japanese, learn more about Japan and its culture, and gain motivation from your new study friends? Now you can take a Japanese lesson and visit different areas of Japan virtually through an online tour.

Japanese Lesson X Local Tour

With Go Wander Japan you can both learn Japanese and visit Japan virtually!

Go Wander Japan, established together by Tokyu Corporation and Guidable Inc., is a completely new program where Japanese lessons and online/physical tours are combined for an exciting learning experience. In this program, you will not only learn Japanese but explore recommended destinations in Shibuya and around the Tokyu-line.

What is “Go Wander Japan”?

japanese lesson x japan tour go wander japan

Credits: Go Wander Japan

Go Wander Japan is the new way to learn Japanese, make new friends and learn about places and traditions in Japan. If you’ve been studying Japanese by yourself at home, you can gain expert knowledge from teachers, ask them your grammar questions and gain the motivation you need to improve, something challenging when studying alone.

Included in the program:

・A 90 minute Japanese lesson for JLPT (N5~4 level)

・A 60 minute location tour (online or physical)

Students will take a Japanese lesson and then join a tour either online or in person (depending on the tour) with your new study buddies. The tour is conducted by a local guide who knows all the insider information about the area.

You can participate in as little as one unit or one month! The lessons feature practical Japanese language study that brings you closer to obtaining the JLPT in three months.

Schedule: Saturdays from 10:00am
Price: 2,000 JPY/1 Day ticket, 6,000 JPY/4 Day ticket
Location: WANDER COMPASS SHIBUYA, Shibuya Station, Shibuya (Google Map)

Why Take a Go Wander Class?

  • Learn Japanese interactively
  • You can learn interesting topics, useful for living in Japan
  • Get to see lesser-known parts of Tokyo
  • Join a tour with people who have similar interests
  • Meet new people every week – a great way to make friends, especially if you have just arrived in Japan!
  • The price is great – especially for the 4 day ticket!
  • Anyone can join!
  • The classes are held in an easy to access location

What Does A Japanese Lesson Cover?

For JLPT N5 Level Classes

In each class, once the grammar and expressions have been covered, students will have 15-30 minutes to try out the N5 level questions. This is a great opportunity for learners who have not yet reached N5 level to gain practice listening to, and for learners who have reached a higher level to practice speaking.

What’s Great About Go Wander Japan’s English Lessons

  1. Small Class Sizes – with small class sizes you can learn at your own pace
  2. Customized Classes – students can request what to learn based on their interests
  3. Practical Experience – during the tour, students can practice Japanese phrases/expressions learnt in the lesson

What Are the Tours Like?

japanese lesson x japan tour go wander japan2

Credits: Go Wander Japan

The tour depends on the day and the schedule changes each time! As the tour is conducted by a specialized guide, the tours are very detailed, full of insider information. The tours are “deep”, tours exploring the depths of the area, niche information that you can’t find anywhere else!

Here are some examples of Go Wander Japan Tours.

Shibuya Tour

Do you see yourself as a Shibuya expert? There are still some well-kept-secret places you should visit.
In this tour you will explore newly developed places in Shibuya while learning certain Shibuya “trivia”.
Discover another face of Shibuya and make new friends through this tour!

Oku-Shibu Tour

Do you know where Oku-Shibu is?
It is a niche, unknown area even for Japanese.
A great place for visiting cafes and shops that have the subculture mood of the 80s and 90s.
An exciting tour if you love food, RETRO stuff, or fashion-savvy.

October 2021 Schedule:

Saturday October 23 10:00 am~12:40 pm


Practical Japanese speaking.
“What’s the best part of your home town !”


Have you ever been to Nara Prefecture? This online tour includes the history of Nara, tourist spots, things to do in Nara (information about activities and experiences enjoyed in Nara). Learn about deer in Nara Koen, and enjoy Shika Senbei (deer crackers) online experience.

Saturday October 30 10:00 am~13:10 pm


Discussing foods eaten in Japan on a specific day for a certain holiday.
Japanese holiday and food culture.



We will visit a historical spot and see some traditional culture of Japan.
*A Tokyu 1 Day ticket will be provided for the tour.

More Class Details


japanese lesson x japan tour go wander japan2 pricesCredits: Go Wander Japan

Price: 2,000 JPY/1 Day ticket, 6,000 JPY/4 Day ticket
Buy a 4 Day Ticket and save 2,000 JPY!


japanese lesson x japan tour go wander japan map

Credits: Go Wander Japan

Location: WANDER COMPASS SHIBUYA, Shibuya Station, Shibuya (Google Map)

Address: Shibuya Station B1 floor, 2 Chome-1-1 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

How to get there: Go Wander Japan will be held in WANDER COMPASS SHIBUYA which is next to Shibuya 109, in the underground passageway near Shibuya Station exit A2.

How To Join

japanese lesson x japan tour

Credits: Go Wander Japan

It’s so easy to book! Just use the online form on the Go Wander Japan website and wait for the Go Wander staff to contact you. Then all you need to do is pay (by bank or Paypal) and you can join the tour!

Direct contact information:
TEL: 03-6886-4008
EMAIL ADDRESS: gowanderjapan@guidable.co.jp

Book now from this link: https://www.gowanderjapan.com/

Learn About About Japan With This Japanese Lesson X Local Tour Program

If you are looking for a new, fun way to learn Japanese then Go Wander Japan is for you! Not only will you get to study Japanese with a teacher and gain the drive you need, but you can also visit certain areas of Japan and practice what you learnt! Find out new information about various places in Japan and understand the culture to a new level!

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