How Much Do You Know About the Cashless Situation in Japan?

Jun 10, 2020   PR  

Who wants to grab a dirty bill? How did COVID-19 change the cashless game? Since April 7, Shin... Read More...

Relationships, Culture

Happy White Day! What are some of the lesser-known Japanese traditions?

Mar 14, 2020

So you may know about shogatsu (New Year Eve), hanami (cherry blossom viewing), Obon Matsuri (day to... Read More...

Drinks, Manners, Culture

“Kanpai!!!” A Japanese toast

Nov 7, 2019

When you go out drinking , normally we say “cheers” in English. How do you say cheers in Japanes... Read More...


What are the Best Websites to Learn Japanese?

Oct 21, 2019

So you’ve decided to finally learn Japanese because you found out that subtitles doesn’t exist d... Read More...

Language, Culture

All You Need to Know About Loanwords in Japanese

Sep 12, 2019

  You may have heard the phrase ‘loanwords’ before, perhaps even in the context of the J... Read More...


Best Youtubers to Follow in Japan

Aug 23, 2019

Japanese YouTube enjoys a mix of Japanese people and foreigners in Japan, providing viewers and subs... Read More...

Language, Culture

Sumimasen, and Other Polite Japanese

Jun 14, 2019

Politeness Japanese people have a worldwide reputation for being incredibly kind and polite. Being ... Read More...


BondLingo: Learn Japanese Whenever, Wherever!

Jun 5, 2019

For anyone with an interest in Japan, learning Japanese has probably crossed your mind at least once... Read More...

Trip, Topics

Japanese Abroad: Where Can You Find Most of the Japanese Overseas?

May 6, 2019

Japan is one of the most progressive countries in the world. It is a beautiful place most tourists a... Read More...


The Ultimate Manga Sales Ranking in Japan

Mar 23, 2019

  Do you read books often? You’re already what we call “book-worm”, how about reading co... Read More...

New Life, Health

How to Enjoy Life: The Japanese Way

Feb 27, 2019

Hey you! Yes, YOU! Are you enjoying life at the moment? Are you spending your days in happines... Read More...


Online dating App in Japan: Dating Apps that Japanese People Often use

Feb 23, 2019

If you are living in Japan, I think you have heard of many different types of Dating Apps. But since... Read More...

Language, Manners

Japanese Manners! Why Japanese People Say Thank You and Sorry So Often

Nov 28, 2018

It is often said that Japanese people say thank you and sorry too much. Sometimes it can be seen as ... Read More...


Types of Japanese Breakfast you Must-try When in Japan

Sep 20, 2018

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. It kick-starts your metabolism and helps b... Read More...


【Event Report】Kansai-Ben Seminar at Akamonkai Japanese Language School!

Sep 11, 2018

Have you ever heard of Kansai-ben? Kansai-ben is the name for the dialect used in Osaka and other Ka... Read More...


How I Mastered Japanese! 5 Tips for Learning Japanese!

Aug 14, 2018

Let’s get this out of the way: if you are new to Japan, and if you don’t already speak a second lang... Read More...

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