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Tips for a First Date with Japanese Girls

By Guidable Writers Jun 25, 2017

The first date could be an exciting as well as an awkward experience for many of us. Lot of things keep popping up in the head before they actually happen. We think the situation over and over again and try to prepare for it, but it never goes the way as we planned. But, that is not a reason for worrying. The beauty of a first date is in its uncertainty and unpredictable possibilities.

 However, we all wish we could possess some conversation topics to break that long awkward silence or entice a date who is a shy conversation starter. The shy part is especially true for many Japanese women.



Two possible conversation topics for the first date

 Like many cultures around the world, in Japan, there are also some interesting and bizarre ways to predict how compatible for two random people to date. Most Japanese girls don’t have guts to ask someone out or even say “hello” to start a conversation. But, when they fall in love with someone, they will secretly try to check the compatibility between objects and them, usually through horoscope or blood group.

Horoscope compatibility

Horoscopes are everywhere in our daily life. If you buy a magazine and see the last page, you will come across an article telling what kind of a day people in same constellation will have or what they have to be careful about during the day. Same goes on in morning TV shows and on some public bus monitors. Magazines for girls have advice on how they should behave with someone they like according to their horoscope or blood group. Furthermore, some girls love to talk about their love affairs with friends because the talk may give girls a feeling that “I can do it”. I can say with strong confidence that a girl will definitely check her and your compatibility at least once on Internet if she is interested in you. So why don’t you talk about it with her?

You can check this on many websites. I am not sure that if this is popular in your country, but in Japan, many people care about it in, I would say. There are many places where we can meet a fortune teller and ask for two people’s compatibility in Japan (actually this culture is from China). If you are from other countries, you might find it interesting. So, if you can get some information about your date’s horoscope before you two meet each other, I’m sure that would be helpful for your conversation.


Chinese Horoscope calendar for the Year 2017


Blood type compatibility

I believe this is a unique and maybe ridiculous way to see if people can work together, but blood group compatibility is a “thing” in Japan. There are only 4 broad categories of blood types and Japanese like to check their compatibility through them. Interesting, isn’t it?

The following is some information I can provide you:

The best compatibility match for a couple is a man whose blood type is O and a lady whose blood type is A.

I checked several websites and observed the ranking. Most of them say this is the best match! Each website has their opinion but this is the general consensus.

Here is why this match up works:

A man of blood type O is said to be easy-going and open-minded. They always express their feelings to their loved one in a straightforward way. Their behavior towards their mates is quite modest and tolerant.

And a woman of blood type A is said to be a giving and caring person, and they like generous guys. According to those characters and their types, they have the highest potential to be a great couple.


For more information, the following is a brief summary of characteristics of each blood type.

Blood type A: They have a strong sense of responsibility. So, elder people and bosses tend to have faith in them. On the other hand, they are naive. They like to keep things neat and perfect in their own way. They are passive in a romantic relationship.

Blood type B: They always take their own time. They are full of curiosity. Once they start to focus on something they are interested in, they don’t get concerned about things that they are not interested in any more at all, which make other people get irritated sometimes. Otherwise, they are easy going.

Blood type AB: They tend to judge things in terms of profit and loss, which might make them look cold. But, they contribute well to a group which they belong to. They don’t like to feel responsible and to express what they really think about something.

Blood type O: They are very easygoing, which means they are capable of adapting to new environment and people smoothly. They are quite talkative. They are very jealous and possessive about their loved ones. Once they think the partner is a keeper, they will never leave him/her.

Another thing, when Japanese girls talk about the compatibility, they don’t mind if your blood type is minus or plus. You just need to talk about type A, B, AB or O, unless she is talking about the blood types from a medical perspective.

Of course, the information above is only a guide to help kick off a conversation and to make the date interesting. However, genuine kindness and good behavior can’t put you in bad taste with Japanese woman. They value it as an intrinsic part of their culture and it reassures when a date (a possible future partner) exhibits them on the first date. So, try to get to know about the girl and her interests once there has been some comfort level between the two of you. And then let love take its course 🙂