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Are You A Kaki No Tane Lover? 3 Popular Japanese Snacks

By Guidable Writers Feb 18, 2021

Have you ever tried Kaki no Tane? This snack holds a proud place as one of Japan’s most loved Japanese snacks, and goes especially well with beer! What other Japanese snacks do you think make the list?

Japanese food is known for being healthy, and lots of people do eat healthily. Meanwhile, people also like eating junk food and both adults and children enjoy snacks. As you can see at the supermarket, there are different kinds of snack products in Japan, and various new, exciting flavors are released. Every time a new variation reaches the market, people rush out to try them. Here are 3 long-seller snacks that Japanese people can’t help loving.

Kaki no Tane

“Kaki no Tane” is a rice cracker snack shaped like persimmon seeds, that’s where the name comes from! “Kaki” means persimmon and “tane” means seed in Japanese. These rice crackers are made from mochi and coated with soy sauce, they are crunch and very morish! It is said this crescent shape was formed when the manufacturer accidentally stood on the mould and warped the shape. 

These Kaki no Tane are used in the popular snack “Kakipi”. Kakipi is the winning combination of Kaki no Tane mixed with peanuts and can be coated with different kinds of seasonings such as chill, wasabi, and ume, (Japanese plum). This spicy snack is loved both during snacktime and goes well with alcohol, especially beer.

Kaki no Tane Japanese snack


Jagariko are stick-shaped potato snacks. They are one of the most popular potato snacks made by “Calbee” which is the most famous potato crisps company in Japan.  There are three main flavours, Salad, Cheese, and Butter but you can also find special seasonal flavors or regional specialities. For another way to enjoy this snack, you can also make “easy mashed potatoes” by combining them with hot water, soaking and mashing! Have you ever tried this?

Jagariko Japanese snack

Baby Star Ramen

I’m sure you know how popular ramen is in Japan. But do you know about this Ramen noodle snack? It is especially liked by children. I think that most primary school students love eating it at snacktime or bringing it along for a school picnic. It’s a nostalgic snack, adults remember the good old days when they used to eat it. The crispy Ramen noodles are seasoned with chicken and soy sauce, or curry. Some people use it in Monjyayaki recipes, a local dish in Tokyo that looks similar to “Okonomiyaki”. You might attempt to soak it in hot water because it looks just like instant ramen, but I cannot vouch for the taste!

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Baby Star Ramen Japanese snack

Is Kaki no Tane Your Favourite Japanese Snack?

Let us know what your favourite Japanese snack is! Many people would say that Kaki no Tane is the clear winner but what do you think? Are there any other snacks from the supermarket you always buy for a house party? Let us know!



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