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Beer Prices Go Up!【Today’s Top 5 Japanese Trends!】

By Guidable Writers Sep 29, 2020

Today’s Top Japanese Trends!

Would you like to know today’s top Japanese trends seen on Twitter and other sites? If so read on to find out more about what interests people in Japan.

Beer prices & cigarette prices will go up while subscriptions prices will go down start from October.

Chubu Electric Power and KDDI Begin Joint 5G Inspections at Substations

Chubu Electric Power Co. and KDDI announced on September 28 that they will begin 5G utilization inspections at substations from October 1 in an effort to improve efficiency and resilience in on-site operations.

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Beer Prices Go Up, Cigarettes Go Up, Subscriptions Go Down From October

Taxes and charges related to living will change from October. Beer, wine and tobacco prices will be raised in line with the revised tax system. On the other hand, NHK subscription fees will be reduced.

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Scientific Evidence Shows How Real the “World Without Aging” Is

Japanese translation of the best-selling book, “LIFESPAN: A World Without Aging” has been published. The book is written by David A. Sinclair, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a leading authority on aging. The book  shows that the future of humanity’s “ageless body” is just around the corner!

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Sports Day in Corona Times: 2m Baton, Paper Signs and Live Streaming

After many school sports events have been cancelled, there has been a movement to keep them going. Tana Kita Elementary School in Sagamihara City created a new type of sports day shown on TVs in the classroom. The twelves programs included a social distance relay featuring 2m relay batons and Soran Bushi dance.

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NTT to Make DOCOMO a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

NTT is considering turning listed subsidiary NTT DOCOMO into a wholly owned subsidiary. By improving management efficiency, the company will respond to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s plan to reduce mobile phone rates.

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