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Exploring Harajuku – Where to Go in Tokyo’s Hub of Youth Culture

By Max Jun 20, 2018

Things to Do in Harajuku

I can’t imagine there are many better places in Tokyo to get lost in than Harajuku. Much like Tokyo in general, it is simply impossible to cover everything, despite the irresistible yearning to explore every street, every shop and every restaurant for what they have to offer. Having roamed the streets of Harajuku for the past couple of days, it is obvious that this place has everything. It is a guarantee that you will be continually amazed at its unique nature; the varied range of clothing retailers, eclectic and diverse restaurants, as well as vibrant and contemporary coffee joints.

Harajuku is a district located in the Shibuya area. It is incredibly easy to access, being only a short walk from both Shibuya and Shinjuku station. Harajuku station itself is located on the JR East Yamanote line, only a one-minute journey from both Shibuya and Shinjuku respectively. Harajuku is one of the most popular areas in Tokyo, not just for international tourists, but for local Japanese people as well. It is known as a district symbolic of youth culture and fashion, boasting many independent boutique shops and vintage stores, as well as many larger, high-end stores.

Where to Shop in Harajuku?

For those with a taste for all things vintage, Harajuku has endless streets of vintage and retro stores, with a range of old school memorabilia and hundreds of racks lined with hip-hop and rock band t-shirts. There are garments in Harajuku that you will simply see no other place on earth. Whether breaking the bank or just window shopping, it is definitely worth going to Harajuku. It’s important to note, however, that everything does come at a price and it is not always cheap. Harajuku also has many cool independent boutique stores such as Strato and Bau, as well as major high-end retailers such as Canada Goose, Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren. The pick of the punch for the youth of Harajuku however are shops such as Billionaire Boys Club, Supreme and famous Japanese brand BAPE.

The Best Places to shop:

• Toga XTC – @toga_xtc

• Council Flat – @councilflat_tokyo

• VIZ Store Tokyo – @viz_store_tokyo

• Billionaire Boys Club – @bbcicecream_jp

• Supreme

• Bape – @bape_japan

Where to Eat in Harajuku?

Harajuku boasts an array of diverse eateries to satisfy various diverse taste buds. No matter what you fancy, there’s a place for you. A crepe at La Fee Delice is one of my favourites.

Best Places to Eat:

• La Fee Delice – @ lafeedeliceofficial

The Best Coffee Spots.

It might just be for a quick wifi stop, a brief sit down after a hard day of exploring, or even just a hideaway on a rainy June day, there is no better place to relax, chill out and to people-watch than in Harajuko’s many coffee shops.

Best Places to grab a coffee:

• Streamer Coffee Company – @streamer_harajuku / @streamercoffeecompany

• The Roastery by Nozy Coffee Café

  • Chop Coffee -@chopcoffee_catstreet

Oh, and if you want to have coffee with a hedgehog, check out the Hedgehog Café – @hedgehogcafe_harujuku, which is only a 30-second walk from Harajuku station.

If you find yourself in Tokyo wondering what to do, take a trip down to Harajuku, you certainly won’t regret it.


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