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tips for international students in Japan

Essential Life Tips For International Students in Japan

By Devy Mar 31, 2023

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For international students who have any experience living in a new environment, such as living in Japan, there are difficulties that you must have faced in several aspects. Even the most basic needs can also become difficult to access if you feel less familiar with the environment. 

Our Top Tips for International Students in Japan

Here, with Guidable, we will give you an instant guide to begin your life in Japan by minimizing some of the possible problems and inconveniences.

Tips 1: Fully Observe the Area Around You

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If you are planning to find a place to live outside of your school area, the first step is that you must observe your surroundings! Otherwise, you may face some difficulties reaching the nearest convenience stores or supermarkets. This also applies to those who live within your school area because convenience stores and supermarkets are places you might go to every day. Students usually go there to get a bento for lunch, snacks, or ATM to withdraw money. 

Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that your place of living has one or two convenience stores nearby.

Spending a lot of time to reach the local convenience store isn’t high on your list of priorities, right?

Tips 2: Start Your New Life With 100 Yen Shops

100 yen shops
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In Japan, the 100 Yen shop is a very popular place to shop and meet your daily needs. Starting from daily necessities to snacks, they are available at 100 Yen shops. 

As a student, you may need some brand new stationery and organizers or hygiene items such as floor cleaner and dish soap. 100 Yen shops are truly the best destinations in Japan to get your everyday items. 

There are several choices of stores that should be available in your living areas. In Japan, Daiso, Seria, CanDo, and Lawson100 are a few of the most favored 100 yen shops. 

Notably, all items in 100 yen shops are 100 yen. Shops like Seria occasionally have a higher price range, but they are always stickered, so it’s easy to notice! 

Tips 3: Try Your Hand at Cooking

It’s important to remember, the high cost of living in Japan is an open secret. For a meal at an average restaurant, you can spend up to 2,000 yen! For a student, spending immense amounts of money on food would not be a great life choice.

So, it’s better to familiarize yourself with cooking and master the basic cooking techniques—for example, rice-making or how to cook a chicken. Getting used to shopping at the supermarket and cooking will help you to manage your finances better.

Don’t worry; if your dorm does not have a place to cook, you can buy bento from the convenience store or supermarket. Besides, if your residence has a microwave, it will be even easier. In fact, you can cook and prepare many affordable Japanese foods with just a microwave. 

Tips 4: Get Yourself a Part-Time Job

student tips in Japan
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With the high cost of living in Japan, it would be a lot easier if you have a part-time job. It is not uncommon for students in Japan to have one or two part-time jobs. For instance, being a waiter in a restaurant or cafe, serving in the convenience stores, or even doing some English teaching! Those are some examples of what part-time jobs are common for international students in Japan.

You can check out at our Guidable Jobs website here for part-time jobs that you might be interested in as well.

Another benefit of having a part-time job in Japan is that besides earning some money, you can educate yourself to work in a Japanese environment, which will certainly help you in the future.

However, you have to note that an international student cannot work over 28 hours in a week legally, or else you may be deported back to your country!

Bonus Tips: Find A Roommate

If you don’t live in a dormitory, I suggest you get yourself a roommate. Many apartments in Japan have two or more rooms, or maybe you live in a house. Indeed, the rent cost will be much cheaper than if you have to live by yourself. Likewise, having a roommate can also ease your burden in paying those expensive bills. You can split the bills with your roommate instead of paying it all on your own.

Another choice for accommodation is a share house in Japan. Many international students opt to live in a share house since the rent is cheaper and there are basic necessities such as furniture, washing machine and kitchenware already available for use. Similar to getting a roommate, you may be able to find great friendships there as well.

Besides, isn’t living in a foreign country a scary thing for some people? By having a roommate or living in a share house, you will feel less lonely, and also have a friend to help while you are not feeling well. You have to give your parents peace of mind back in your country right? 

Your Favourite Tips for International Students in Japan

tips for international students in Japan
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If you are an international student, maybe you are worried about what to look out for on your arrival in Japan. Don’t worry! Guidable is here to help! We will always be here to support you by providing other interesting and helpful information. Stay up to date, and don’t forget to read other tips for your life in Japan.

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