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Fireworks Display: Japanese Summer Tradition

By Guidable Writers Jul 30, 2016

Do You Like Fireworks?

Fireworks is Japan’s one of summer tradition. It used to be held in the middle of August which is called “obon” as a memorial service for people’s ancestors, however, it has become popular event in summer. People do handheld fireworks with their family and friends, and also enjoy watching aerial fireworks at bon dance, fireworks display, etc.

Many fireworks displays are held in summer nationwide and people gather in each event. These are two well-known fireworks in Japan, and let you know other way to watch fireworks.


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[The Sumida River Fireworks Festival] – The Biggest Fireworks in Japan

The Sumida River Fireworks Festival is Japan’s one of best known fireworks which is held on the last Saturday of July every year. The venue is the riverbed Sumida River; both Asakusa and Mukojima side. The fireworks festival was launched in Ryogoku area in the 18th Century, then relaunched in 1978 after long time cancellation.

If you live in Tokyo, the event is broadcasted on TV every year. Since Tokyo Skytree opened in 2012, The scenery becomes much more beautiful and gorgeous than before. If it will rain, the event is usually postponed to the next day, however, the fireworks display in 2013 was terminated only 30 minutes after the event started because of heavy rain and then it was canceled. Even though the rainy season is over, you should pay attention to guerilla rain just in case.

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[Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival] – On the Sea Fireworks


Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival is well known as unique on the sea fireworks. The venue is in the front of famous Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, Hiroshima Pref. Because it is on the sea, the firework seems to be a semicircle like below. The firework is really visionary because the shrine gate and buildings stand silhouetted. If you are interested in the event, you had better stay Miyajima. However, it is hard to book the hotels in the island on that day and you might have to reserve 1 year before at least. Therefore, some people try to stop by Miyajima Service Area of Sanyo Expwy because there is the one of best view points and Starbucks Coffee is operated, but the SA is closed in the event hours to reject too much people who just want to see the fireworks.


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[Fireworks at the Stadium]

Fireworks display is not only chance to watch Japanese beautiful fireworks. It is held as half time show or interval of sports events like professional baseball or soccer game. For example, Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo is also known for another famous fireworks display in August, however, when Yakult Swallows has game there during summer break, fireworks display is also held as interval every year. The Swallows also had another event which is called “Draft Beer 50% Off Day”. Draft beer must be served for the half price and its signature grilled sausage sampler is sold 100 yen cheaper than usual. Because it is very popular event and applied to limited games, you should get tickets as soon as possible.

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