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Street of stores ーSyoutengai (商店街)ー

By Guidable Writers Dec 2, 2015

Shinjuku, Harajuku, Akihabara

Those are famous places where many travelers visit.

Fashion, foods, entertainment, transportation etc things which attract travelers are in those cities.


However, famous cities are good places for sightseeing so that almost all travelers will visit there. Which means those are the places which everyone go.

Even Japanese people go there for holiday and weekend, and weekday for business.


Most of Japanese people don’t live in such sightseeing and business places because the places are expensive, loud and not suitable place for living for long time.

At night, people vanish from those city and go back to their houses which locate outside of centre places. We call it as a “Daunts phenomenon ”.


So, most of people in Tokyo live in those outside towns and those town are really interesting due to you can see how people live in this big city Tokyo.


Street of stores called (商店街:Syoutengai) is good place to see how people live in this country.

Japanese recruiters say

“ If you want to know about products which Japanese people are interesting in, go to convenience store. ”


So if you want to see Japanese people’s lives, go to Syoutengai.

Syoutengai has quite long culture and you can definitely find really old store which has lasted nearly 100 years.



I will introduce 4 Shoutengai in next articles



・Musashikoyama Syoutengai Palm (武蔵小山商店街 パルム)








・Hatanodai Higashiguchi Dori (旗の台東口通り)




・Nakanobu syoutengai Skip load (中延商店街スキップロード)

・Togoshiginza shotengai (戸越銀座商店街)