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Hotels in Downtown Tokyo! Hotels Near Asakusa Station, Great Access to Narita Airport!

By Alex Gray Jun 8, 2020

Are you looking for hotels in Tokyo? Why not try downtown Tokyo? Staying near Asakusa station is a great option with handy access to Narita airport.

With Great Access to Narita Airport, Stay Near to Asakusa Station in Downtown Tokyo

Find comfort in your Japanese home from home. Are you currently living in Japan, on a short trip, maybe your onward travel plans changed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Do you feel comfortable in your apartment, your accommodation, your hotel? When looking for places to live or stay, most of us look for apartments or hotels. Maybe you are looking for relaxation and comfort, a unique place to stay, or somewhere with community and coliving. We have two different options to check out if you are looking for somewhere for long or short-term to stay. Both these accommodations are situated in Asakusa, Tokyo’s shitamachi – a quieter, low-rise, historic spot in Tokyo where you can enjoy the old Japan. The vibe here is completely different from other more flashy areas of Tokyo. It’s more slow-paced, relaxed, full of character, budget-friendly, and a hub of Japanese Craftsmanship. Staying or living here can give you a totally new perspective on Japanese life, so let’s get started.

① Matsumura

What are the most important values for you? What are the things non-negotiable for you?
As you come to Japan or are planning to visit Japan, you have an interest in Japanese culture, food, history, and budget. These are all answers for Japan lovers.
Under technological developments, we use the latest devices with the latest technology. Some of us are addicted to SNS, watching funny videos on our phones, but the convenience of smartphones could spoil people. What is the charm of comfort and relaxation?

An accommodation we would like to introduce first is called Matsumura which was built more than 60 years ago close to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa.

This accommodation was restored at the end of last year and the rooms are renovated from an old Japanese house. The rooms are clean and tidy while keeping the “JAPANESE TRADITIONAL STYLE” as it was.
You can enjoy Japanese vegan cuisine in the café. Osteopathy is also facilitated. Staying here could be your chance to know more about Japanese tradition.

Do You Have a Special Diet?

You’ll be fine because they have a vegan café as well!!
Being vegan is extremely hard especially when it comes to Japanese food since most miso soup is made with fish broth. Japanese food cannot be complete without miso soup. All vegans can heartily taste this Japanese cuisine. But it’s not just for vegans, it’s for all people who love to eat great, authentic Japanese food.

What Is Special About This Accommodation?

Because of the decrease in tourists due to coronavirus, this accommodation can be used as a rest space. This space starts from a two-hour rental period at ¥1,500/h for remote work and is recommended to use your half day in this accommodation for people who get exhausted staying at home.
You can get nail and osteopathy treatments too! This place is a great base for staying in Tokyo and offers medium and long term room usage.
The lodging reservation is available through Airbnb only, but inquiries through the HP for special requests and consultations are welcome.
There is currently a tenant renting a room weekly running their osteopathy businesses.

We can’t wait to see you soon (a message from the hotel staff).

A Special Plan for Guidable Japan Readers

Long Stay Plan

Retreat plan ~heal your body and mind and relax~
~Long stay (monthly rental etc.) ~

¥80,000 per month
Food provided by vegan café ~Monkey magic~
Boost your immunity with cuisine and sweets made from vegetables
Your stay comes with five meal or sweets coupons and five drink tickets
Two osteopathy tickets every Wednesday (30-minute course, reservations only)
Dependent on the nights stayed, the coupon ticket numbers will change

Short Stay Plan

Retreat plan ~heal your body and mind and relax~
~More than 2 nights~

¥5,000 per room (tax included)
Food provided by Vegan cafe ~Monkey magic~
Boost your immunity with cuisine and sweets made from vegetables
Your stay comes with meal or sweets coupon once a day (up to 2 people in a room)
Can be used once a day either lunch or café (limited to open hours and closed on Sunday)
Every Wednesday enjoy a 10% discount on osteopathy (reservations only)

Contact through the inquiry form below! (English available)

Vegan café and osteopathy information is also available from the link above.
*The link to a dedicated site is available from the Matsumura webpage.


② Chapter Two Tokyo in Asakusa

“Where’s the light after the dark ages?”

In January 2020, the coronavirus started darkening the world.
It brought with it a tremendous impact which transformed the world into a dark hole. The pandemic quickly spread and derived people’s lives. These losses made many burst into tears and it not only took losses of people but caused an economic recession and heavy pressure in the medical industry. This takes us to a long journey facing many difficulties of collapse. Wherever you live, we all face this pandemic and no matter what the world is like in these circumstances, we live our life wishing to see family or friends living abroad.

However, there are quotes indicating the cycle of the world.
“After rain there’s a rainbow after a storm there is calm, after the night there is morning and after an end there is a new beginning”

There are beautiful places to stay in Asakusa and since you are in Japan. Why don’t you enjoy it as much as you can? If you are living outside of Japan or Tokyo, why don’t you read this and add it to your trip bucket list and open new pages of your notebook to refresh yourself to meet a brand-new self.


Chapter Two Tokyo in Asakusa
This is a hostel sophisticated and super simple.
“Less is more”.
On the white canvas you can draw what you love, and you don’t have to fill up every single space. You can also enjoy freedom and make new friends, create community, and enjoy nature.
This hostel is not high ranked, or a luxury hotel but Chapter Two Tokyo is ranked as a full 5-star hostel on Expedia. You can stay here on a budget, up to 5,000 yen. You may know very soon the reason why you want to visit here and leave such a glowing review.
“Find what you want here”.

The design of the hostel is unified in white which recalls a western simple share house atmosphere.

Start your fresh morning on the balcony of Chapter Two Tokyo.

Which Hotel Near Asakusa Station Interested You? Will You Be Staying in Tokyo Downtown?

We hope you found a hotel you liked. Are you ready to take a trip to Asakusa? What do you like about staying in Asakusa? We would love to know in the comments below.