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Tips on Dressing for Interviews and Work in Japan

By Guidable Writers Oct 10, 2017

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Common practices in job searching or job interviews reflects cultural characteristics. Hence it is suggested that you know about the common practices in the country where you are looking for a job, especially if you are entirely new to the local culture. This article focuses on outfits that are appropriate in job-related circumstances.


Importance of choosing correct outfits


In Japan, choosing the appropriate outfit for workplace is considered important in that how you look will determine the first impression that you have on others. Those who are looking to get hired must interview for a job, and the most important point here is that you take the perspective of others into consideration when choosing an outfit, rather than your own comfort. Wearing an appropriate outfit will demonstrate your attitude toward work or the organization you work for, which gives the impression of reliability, both your own and your company’s. Some people might think it is fine to express themselves with their outfits, as their inner self is more important than outside appearances. This may be true in their private life, but it is not so when it comes to employment in Japanese society.


3 Tips For Work-Related Outfits


There are three key points to be made when choosing outfits for work in general.

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