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10 Best dining finds in Tokyo when on a budget

10 Best Dining Finds in Tokyo When on a Budget

By Guidable Writers Jun 7, 2017

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Experience Tokyo’s best restaurants and shops even on a budget

10 Best dining finds in Tokyo when on a budget
Lifestyle, including that of dining, can be expensive in Japan, especially in Tokyo, where cost of living is undeniably high. If you will live in the city for quite sometime, or even for good, worry not because Tokyo also harbors cheap restaurants and food shops that offer delicious treats you just can’t miss.

Here are a few of the places you can check out for yourself.

1. Afuri

Your tummy can never go wrong with a bowl or two of the Japanese ramen. You will surely encounter a lot of ramen shops but you can’t also miss the best ramen bar in Ebisu, where you can already enjoy a meal for two at around 2,000 yen.

2. Curry Jinbocho

Do you love Japanese curry rice? If you do, visit this popular curry shop one of these days and enjoy a meal for two at less than 2,000 yen.

3. Harajuko Gyoza Lou

I can live a day with gyoza, honestly, and for gyoza lovers out there like me, Harajuko Gyoza Lou is a place to go. It is located near the Metro Meiji Jingumae Station. You can already enjoy your 6-piece fried or boiled gyoza at less than 300 yen. You just have to be a little patient with the queue, as this place is flocked with a lot of regular customers.

4. Jiromaru

Once in a while, you’ll crave for grilled meat, so you can check out this standing yakiniku shop located nearby the Seibu Shinjuko Station, and enjoy a full meal for two person at less than 3,000 yen only.

5. Kanda Yabu Soba

When I went to Japan last year, I tried soba for the first time and it’s the best I’ve ever had so far. When in Tokyo, enjoy an affordable soba at this traditional soba restaurant located in Kanda Awaji-cho, Chiyoda. You can also have your lunch here at less than 1,000 yen.

10 Best dining finds in Tokyo when on a budget

6. Midori Zushi

Who doesn’t love sushi? If you’re a sushi lover, too, make sure to visit this sushi restaurant that runs in Ginza, Shibuya, Akasaka and Umegaoka, as well as, in Shimotakaido and Ikebukuro. Most of Midori Zuchi’s standard restaurants offer the same menu, but promotions and pricing are slightly different. In some shops, you can already enjoy an 11-piece sushi plate with misu soup and salad for less than 1,000 yen. Midori Zuchi also has an eat-all-you can sushi promotion at their Umegaoka store at 3,600 yen for men, 3,000 yen for women, and 1,500 yen for primary school age children. What are you waiting for?

7. Mo Mo Paradise

If you like Japanese hot pot like shabu shabu and sukiyaki, especially during winter, you can check out Mo-Para located near the JR Shinjuko station. They have an eat-all-you can meal served starting at 1,700 yen.

8. Saishokukenbi

If meat ain’t your thing and you prefer an all-vegetarian restaurant, you can check out Saishokukenbi located close to JR Okubo Station. You can enjoy a set menu for 1,300 yen. They also have lunch offerings at 1,200 yen.

9. The 3rd Burger

When burger craving days happen, check out this joint in Aoyama that serves quality and delicious burger. It has a signature burger that costs 638 yen only, and you can already enjoy a meal for two with drinks at less than 2,500 yen.

10. Tsukiji Market Street Food Stall

Speaking of cheaper joints and cafes, you can find many in Tsukiji market streets, where you will never run out of variety of food choices. You can surely satisfy your tummy with your 1,000 yen or less.

Apart from this list, there are surely other food stops and dining places that offer affordable and delicious food in Tokyo that you can add. Japan is one of the best places on Earth for foodies, especially that most Tokyoites have appetite for quality dining, so consider yourself lucky that you have the opportunity to experience it when you find time.


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