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Living With A Host-Family In Japan

Apr 22, 2020

While travelling to Japan and experiencing the culture is pretty easy to experience since there ... Read More...

New Life, Move To Japan

Starting a New Life in Japan: What to Remember

Apr 21, 2020   PR  

Are you starting a new life in Japan?  It is already mid-April. Are you excited to start your new... Read More...

Move To Japan, Governmental Procedures

The Political Structure of Japan: All You Need To Know

Aug 13, 2019

The Political Structure of Japan: All You Need To Know Politics in Japan can seem like a very con... Read More...


Why is TOEIC Popular in Japan? Advantage of Taking TOEIC in Japan.

Jul 10, 2019

  If you’ve been in Japan for any length of time, and, as many foreigners who being thei... Read More...

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Top 10 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly in Japan for Residents and Tourists

Apr 4, 2019

Eco-Friendly in Japan Whether you live in Japan or are just visiting, there are lots of ways to red... Read More...

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How to Enjoy Life: The Japanese Way

Feb 27, 2019

Hey you! Yes, YOU! Are you enjoying life at the moment? Are you spending your days in happines... Read More...

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Top 5 Important Celebrations in Japan You Don’t Want To Miss!

Jan 19, 2019

  Japan has always known as a mix of modern and ancient culture, having the most advance... Read More...

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Tips for Foreign Students Living in Japan

Feb 18, 2018

Studying in Japan has been a dream for many students around the world. High school, University, Unde... Read More...

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5 Reasons Why I Choose to Live in Japan

Why Live in Japan? 5 Reasons to Live in Japan

Sep 16, 2017

There are many different countries out there so why live in Japan? Moving to a foreign country fo... Read More...

New Life, Move To Japan, Money, Health

Everything You Should Know about National Health Insurance

Sep 13, 2017

Japanese health insurance system is said to be one of the best in the world and that contributes to ... Read More...

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