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A New Year’s Card in Japan ~ Nengajo ~

Dec 10, 2016

《What is Nengajo?》 We have a custom to send a New Year’s Card called “Nengajo” (年賀状) every year i... Read More...


[Jin’s adventure in Japan~Chinese student eye~1] Impression of Japan

Feb 8, 2017

Speaking of Japan, what is your first thing you thought. Is that brilliant and beautiful sakura? Is ... Read More...

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Senso-ji Temple – The Oldest Temple in Tokyo

Dec 3, 2016

Tokyo’s Historical, Spiritual, and Famous Destination Senso-ji Temple, known for Tokyo’s oldest t... Read More...

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Have Some Oysters, Standard of Winter Food

Dec 1, 2016

The Best Season’s in the Air Do you know when the best season of oyster is? It is these months wh... Read More...

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Christmas in Japan ~ Are you getting ready? ~

Nov 25, 2016

《Japanese Christmas》 Japan is said to be “Shinto” country, and has cherished those religious even... Read More...

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Obsessed? ~Odor or flagrance in Japan~

Nov 14, 2016

《How to wear?》 Japanese people are usually sensitive to odor or flagrance in our daily life. As f... Read More...

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What Japanese girls like about foreign guys

Nov 5, 2016

Each country has a different way of expressing love, and each man has a different way of expressing ... Read More...

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Dating avenues in Japan

Nov 3, 2016

Do you want to make a friend who has a potential to be your special one? There sure are many places ... Read More...

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The common differences of romantic relationships in Japan and elsewhere

Nov 4, 2016

Each country has it’s own culture of love, so does Japan. I think, the following are the biggest dif... Read More...

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Japanese Halloween is Almost There

Oct 30, 2016

Now some are counting days......for having fun Halloween. By Wikipedia, Halloween is widely belie... Read More...

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Seven-Five-Three??? ~Festivals for children~

Oct 25, 2016

《What is Shichi Go San?》 Japan has a tradition for children aged seven, five, and three on Novemb... Read More...

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Visiting a Shrine when it’s a new year

Oct 23, 2016

Many people go to a shrine and wait for the moment when it’s January 1st 0:00am. But be careful. Thi... Read More...

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How to behave when you visit a temple

Oct 22, 2016

I have told you how to behave when you visit a shrine before. And this time, I will teach you how to... Read More...

Manners, Culture

How to behave when you visit a shrine

Oct 21, 2016

Shrine is a holy place for Japanese people and an integral part of their culture. Many foreigners mi... Read More...

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How to Keep a Relationship with Japanese Girls

Oct 20, 2016

Many people come to Japan because they like it’s culture, and would like to mingle with Japanese peo... Read More...

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Enjoy Japanese Autumn Food

Oct 8, 2016

Do you have seasonal food in your home country? As you know we have four seasons in Japan and we can... Read More...

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